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Fionna Gault

Graduate Admissions | MS in Environmental Studies, MA in Social Justice and Community Organizing

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Annie McGarry

Undergraduate Admissions | CO, NM, UT Last names A-E

(928) 350-2201

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Kacey Miller

Undergraduate Admissions | Last names P-Z

(928) 350-2105

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Calen Peterson

Undergraduate Admissions | MT, NA, Last Names I-O

(928) 350-2102

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Mary Scarpa

Graduate Admissions | Masters of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS), Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Leadership (MBA), Dual Degree Pathway MBA/MSFS

(928) 350-4106

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Angelina Smith

Graduate Admissions | MA Outdoor Education Leadership, MA Interdisciplinary Studies, MA Critical Psych , and Ph.D. in Sustainability Leadership

(928) 350-2237

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Jodi Straker

Graduate Admissions | MS in Counseling and related graduate certificates

(928) 350-2101

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Liam Sullivan

Graduate Admissions | MS in Resilient and Sustainable Communities; MFA Social and Environmental Arts Practice

(928) 350-4105

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Kenneth Welch

Undergraduate Admissions | States: TX, So AZ, Last names F-H

(928) 350-2323

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