Alum Courtney Osterfelt Launches Tutoring Center for Local Teens

Alum Courtney Osterfelt Launches Tutoring Center for Local Teens

September 22, 2017 - By Prescott College

The Launch Pad Teen Center Expands Programming

When it was announced that funding for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, an after-school program aimed at improving academic outcomes, would be cut from the federal budget Prescott College alumni Courtney Osterfelt knew that something needed to be done. As the founder of The Launch Pad Teen Center in Prescott, Arizona, Osterfelt knows first-hand what a difference after-school programing can make in improving graduation rates. “Not only is all of the research from the Afterschool Alliance  about afterschool programming increasing the likelihood of graduation and healthy decision making true, as we have seen this firsthand at The Launch Pad, but I have also noticed that teens who feel connected to a community outside school and home, and teens who feel as though they fulfill a purpose in their community,  are more resilient, have a positive outlook on life, and know what resources to connect with when they are feeling down and discouraged. Cutting 21st Century funding will have a negative ripple effect in our communities, and we felt it necessary to do something significant about it.”

Knowing the impact the federal budget cuts would have on the local community, Osterfelt decided to take immediate action by expanding The Launch Pad’s programming to include after-school tutoring. With expanded programming, Osterfelt knew she would need to identify additional physical space to accommodate teens seeking this service. She approached her alma mater, Prescott College, to explore potential options. As a result, Prescott College quickly responded by offering her an additional campus building to support her efforts and the establishment of the new Launch Pad Tutoring Center. The new Tutoring Center took occupancy of their new space on September 5th. The new Tutoring Center is located next door to The Launch Pad Teen Center at 302 Grove Avenue on the Prescott College campus.

The Launch Pad Tutoring Center is the latest of many initiatives Courtney Osterfelt has spearheaded to help support local teens. Fifteen years ago, Osterfelt started the Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough, a conference to help teenage girls define and achieve their goals,  as her senior project at Prescott College. The conference was a success, and eventually led to new opportunities to support local teens. In 2013 The Launch Pad Teen Center was created following the research a Prescott College student, Laura Tully, conducted as part of an independent study course she designed to assess the viability of a teen center in the Prescott community.