Block Class Recreates The Magic Of 80s Pop/Funk

March 09, 2018 - By Prescott College


Ellen Greenblum’s Opening the Creative Person Block class worked with Jonathan Best at the comMUSIKey studio to create an original pop song called “Know”. She said, “The assignment was to work on a collaborative art project demonstrating application of theories in the course. For instance, the song had to be equally created utilizing the various talents of each group member.”

Student Gerald Askew worked with Deleah Leyva and Louvah Silver to create the tune as an homage to 80s funk pop. “I enjoyed creating this genre of music with the group while also sharing similar experiences and hardships that the S.O.S. Band and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis experienced during the 80s.” Jam and Lewis ran Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis during a time when Prince and Janet Jackson were standard bearers of the “Minneapolis Sound”, of which Askew is a big fan. “It was overall fun, and out of my comfort zone,” he continued, “Long live DLG”, an acronym of the three performers on the song (Daleah, Louvah and Gerald) came up with as the group name.

Student Louvah Silver commented, “I’ve never really made a song before. I’ve made numerous attempts, but nothing seemed to flow or make it not cliché. I really loved working with my group and I found it super easy to communicate with them because they were my friends. I'll always cherish the song we made together.”  Play the video below to hear the song.

Said Greenblum, “(the process allowed) each group member to demonstrate courage, working outside their comfort zone, as well as having a historical and cultural context.” comMUSIKey is a non-profit organization housed in Prescott College, operated by musician and performer Jonathan Best, and dedicated healing and bonding people and communities through music. You can find out more at: