Prescott College's Strength In Alternative Counseling Modalities

March 09, 2018 - By Prescott College

Ecotherapy and Adventure-based Psychotherapy Courses Use Nature as a Therapeutic Tool


One of Prescott College’s strengths is in-depth programs on alternative counseling modalities. The Ecotherapy and Adventure-based Psychotherapy concentrations are examples of this. Adventure-based Psychotherapy uses adventure activities such as rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, and many others as tools in psychotherapy. Ecotherapy involves less structure and more philosophy, focusing mainly on connection with nature as a therapeutic tool.

Both concentrations are extensions of a Counseling degree; they’re an additional fifteen credits and consist of an online foundational course and four mentor based courses.These courses consist of treatment application, ethics and risk management, research and evaluation, and assessment. Students have the power to personalize these courses to suit their specific interests and goals. Career outcomes for these concentrations include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and wilderness therapy.

These concentrations are mostly experience based. Marie Lung, who oversees them, commented, “Because they’re an experiential modality, you as the practitioner or student are experiencing it while you’re learning from it. So you’re benefiting, you’re having this parallel process. I integrate adventure and nature into my life, so one of the things I bring to my students is this isn’t just a study, we’re not just reading a textbook.”

These are off campus programs, meaning students can do their work from any location, but meet for colloquiums and intensives. For many students and professors, interacting in person is an exciting opportunity. Marie mentioned, “when I see the students I think, this is why I’m here. They’re so inspirational, they’re so dedicated, they’re so curious, it really gives me a hope for a more compassionate and socially just future.”

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