Student Profile: Michael Reveile

Student Profile: Michael Reveile

October 28, 2017 - By Prescott College

Michael Reveile is currently studying environmental studies with an emphasis in natural resource management. Michael, a Prescott, Arizona native, transferred to Prescott College after attending an institution where he was not getting the one on one time he desired with his peers or his teachers. He wanted a college experience that was more engaging. Michael was so inspired by what he learned on the Prescott College website that he decided to immediately apply and tour the campus.

Michael described his previous educational experiences as book-work and a lot of quizzes. He was unsure if wanted to attend college because he was afraid it would to be more of the same types of experiences. His initial plan was to begin a career immediately following high school because he was desperate for something experiential. Michael believed the only way he was going to become competent in something was through experience. He was also hesitant to attend college because he heard that many students with a college degree could not find a job following graduation. However, after learning more about Prescott College and its emphasis on the environment and social justice, he knew he would be able to launch a meaningful career after graduation.

Since discovering Prescott College in 2014, Michael feels more motivated and prepared to make a difference in his community as well as the world. He is interested in a career that helps support environmental justice. He said that, “thanks to Prescott College, I am confident that I will be better suited to work for conservation and forestry organizations throughout my career." 

Michael is excited about the freedom he is experiencing in his education at Prescott College and stated that he feels grateful that Prescott College allows him to shape his degree in order to better pursue his interests, rather than having to follow a predetermined degree or educational path.

Having grown up in Prescott, Michael is passionate about inspiring more local students to attend Prescott College. He believes that if local students, "want to be exposed to an education that really engages them, Prescott College is the right place for them." He is excited about the many local scholarship resources for prospective students interested in Prescott College. He highly recommends students get involved with Americorps, which offers service awards that are matched by Prescott College. This year, Prescott College also introduced the Changemaker Scholarship initiative which guarantees a $15,000 scholarship to new, first-time students from select states, including Arizona. Learn more. 

Michael also encourages Prescott College students to become more engaged in the local community. "Even though there might be people in the community and the world that are not like-minded, it is good to expose yourself to diverse perspectives in order to reach common ground in creating environmental and social justice." To help Prescott College students become more involved in the community, he recommended students look for opportunities to work with local organizations, including: Horses with Heart, The Yavapai Humane Society, and People Who Care.