Student Profile: Nadir Sherrod

March 10, 2018 - By Prescott College

Nadir Sherrod Still1.jpeg

Nadir Sherrod is a first time student of Prescott College whose focus is in sustainable community design. He is also very involved in the humanities, including music, writing, and film. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Nadir has been learning how to adjust to independent life being so far away from home. Despite the distance, Nadir was sure that he wanted to attend Prescott College because it, “really had a lot to offer in terms of experiential and alternative education.” Coming from a middle and high school that was experiential and untraditional, Nadir was in search for a college that held the same values and principles.

Nadir has been satisfied with this time here at Prescott College. The most meaningful part of his program so far has been taking a course titled “Explorations in Sustainable Community Development” this past winter. The course, “really opened up [his] eyes to what sustainability is and what it can be.” He has learned that sustainability is a subject that really encompasses everything. “It opens the avenue for all of our studies to be overlapped and is interwoven into all of our personal lives.” Nadir says, “The reason why I am studying what I am studying is because sustainability is something I think everyone should know. If everyone studied sustainability, the world would have unlimited possibilities.”

Aside from his studies, Nadir has become very involved in the student body community. Nadir has joined the Student Union Board to ensure that he was representing students of color on campus. He found it very beneficial in his first year of college to talk with other students of color, so he has also signed up for the mentorship program so that he could be a mentor for any incoming African American students. He has found that the student body is diverse in age and in background so it his goal to ensure that the, “community is safe and sustainable.”