Student Profile: Si Jones

Student Profile: Si Jones

November 03, 2017 - By Prescott College

Si Jones is nearing the end of his education at Prescott College and he is excited about the future. Passionate about learning, Si is pursuing a degree in Education and hopes to teach 2nd grade at a local school, where he has already built a connection during his time at Prescott College. His journey with Prescott College all began when he enrolled in a gap year program called Leap Now, which allowed him to take a trip to Arizona to tour Prescott College. Originally from the big island of Hawaii, the transition was inspiring.

In contrasting Si’s previous educational experiences, he pointed out several aspects of Prescott College that have been beneficial. The smaller class sizes have aided the development of better interpersonal communication amongst his peers and teachers. Because the Prescott College community is much smaller, there is a positive difference in the character of the students compared to the larger school communities he has been a part of. Another important element of Prescott College is the experiential learning techniques that teachers implement, which has increased his interest in learning. With that experiential aspect of Prescott College, comes more opportunities to take unique classes such as Introduction to Rock Climbing. The most meaningful part of Si’s program here has been the quality of learning that he has experienced as a result of these aspects. Si stated that he feels “more competent and prepared” for the field he is going into.

Si feels being a Prescott College student has made him a more community-oriented human being. He has come to the revelation that helping his community has in turn helped him. With this community-oriented mindset, Si believes he is making a difference in the world by taking small steps towards a great future as an educator. 

Si Jones received an honors scholarship awarded by Prescott College for his grade point average. The College awards numerous scholarships based on each student’s academic standing. Based on the positive experience Si has had, he coincidentally recommended Prescott College to a prospective student by giving an impromptu tour of the campus the day of he was interviewed for this article. Just as he encouraged the prospective student on that day, Si concluded his interview by highly recommending that people give Prescott College a try.