Doctoral Degrees Awarded In Prestigious Hooding Ceremony

Ph.D. in Sustainability Education a first for Prescott College


April 14th marked the awarding of the first group of Ph.D. in Sustainability Education degrees in a hooding ceremony on campus. Hooding is a special part of awarding a doctoral degree that is steeped in hundreds of years of tradition. The colors of a doctoral hood represent the academic discipline. The Sustainability Education program is interdisciplinary in nature. Therefore, three colors were chosen to reflect sustainability (rust), philosophy (dark blue), and education (light blue).

The act of hooding is also a ceremonial act to symbolize students transformation into colleagues with their fellow faculty members.  The student becomes an equal member of the academy and is well-prepared to engage in a career of rigorous research, teaching, and entrepreneurship.

In keeping with the Prescott College tradition, the hooding ceremony is deeply significant with a healthy blend of student-directed fun. There is no keynote speaker, rather each student is empowered to tell their own story.  Many students complete their degree while maintaining their full time work and personal obligations. The honor of completing the Ph.D. program @prescott college comes with the responsibility to work in a way that fosters the mission of the College and its commitment to sustainability by dedicating one's life to environmental and social justice.

Loren Thomas, M.A.