Prescott College welcomes Dreamers who just had their college tuition dramatically increased by the Arizona Supreme Court

President John Flicker: "We welcome these students, we don’t penalize them.”

Prescott College announced today that undocumented students with or without DACA status who are attending or planning to attend an Arizona state university will be welcomed at Prescott College for a lower tuition rate than they will now be forced to pay at an Arizona state university. “Prescott College is a private nonprofit college, not a state school,” said its President John Flicker. “This unfortunate court ruling doesn’t apply to us. We will admit any qualifying undocumented student at no more than the cost of resident tuition at Arizona’s three state universities. We welcome these students, we don’t penalize them.”

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled last week that undocumented students living in Arizona no longer qualify for resident tuition rates at any public college or university in Arizona. Nonresident tuition is nearly three times higher than resident tuition, potentially making college unaffordable for these students.

“There are thousands of undocumented students graduating from high schools across the country every year,” said Flicker. “They were brought here involuntarily and this is the only country they know. They want to be productive citizens. Our state and our nation will be better if we educate them, not force them into the shadows. Prescott College wants to help.”

Resident tuition at Arizona’s three state universities is approximately $11,000 based upon full-time enrollment. Non-resident tuition is over $27,000 per year. Prescott College will match or beat those resident tuition rates for undocumented students seeking to enroll in either online or resident undergraduate programs.

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