Prescott College Well Represented At Downtown Earth Day Celebration

A large exploration and play area taught children the importance the of environment and sustainability.


Prescott College had a strong presence at this year’s Earth Day celebration on the courthouse square on April 21. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is a call to action for the global community to address climate change, foster a sustainable and healthy environment, and protect our planet for future generations. Earth Day was a great success in faculty member Ellen Bashor’s eyes because “it allows Prescott College to recognize that we are a part of the larger community and for the community to see that they are part of the Prescott College community too.”

Ellen Bashor, Prescott College faculty member, Master of Education graduate student, and  board member of the Greater Prescott Area Outdoors Fund, challenged students enrolled in her Fundamentals of Environmental Education course to facilitate an early childhood education program for the event. Students developed a physical space “devoted purely to children’s exploration, play, and learning of the natural world.” The children created collaborative public murals, postcards with messages about their love for the earth, and prayer flags with their vision for the earth’s future. The children’s work is currently displayed in the Prescott Public Library.  

Bashor’s Fundamentals of Environmental Education course also collaborated with the Prescott Community Gardens and Food Stamp Cooperative Expansion Specialists to teach children about the relationship between our health and the earth’s health. It's important to have an environmental education because “children are the next stewards of the earth and the driving force of change for a sustainable future.”

The Prescott College Office of Admissions and Sustainability Club also participated in this year’s Earth Day festivities by sharing information about our unique academic programs and the great work our students are creating for the local and global environment. The Natural History Institute and the Ecosa Institute, organizations founded by Prescott College faculty and alumni, were also present.

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