Profile: Anza Jarschke

Strong Reputation of Prescott College SJCO Program Attracted CA Native


Anza Jarschke is a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Arts in Social Justice and Community Organizing. She was born and raised in Napa, California and is now living in Santa Cruz working as the manager of an internationally recognized artist residency. Jarschke was interested in a resident program but wasn’t ready to leave her current career, so the online masters program was the perfect opportunity. Satisfied with her experience, Anza has been able to balance her work and school without having to give up one for the other. She has come to appreciate the online program because her “professors and cohort are increasingly diverse.” Her peers come from all over the country and bring a variety of backgrounds with them, “I appreciate these connections, and look forward to the different points of view each student brings.”

Jarschke was ultimately inspired to come to Prescott College because she heard that the Social Justice and Community Organizing program had a “long-standing reputation as an excellent program that gives you both theory and experience throughout your learning.” After completing her undergraduate degree at a college that was very similar to Prescott College in its values and philosophies, she was “thrilled to be able to find another college that had small class sizes, individualized learning, and a deep understanding of what it means to be interdisciplinary.” Jarschke recognizes the ample problems in our world today and decided to not sit on “the sidelines frustrated with a lack of knowledge and understanding. My hope is through theory and application-based learning, I can feel confident to go out into the world and help catalyze some change.”

Prescott College has inspired Jarschke to make a difference in the world, whether the changes be big or small. In her daily life, she has learned to be more supportive of the changemakers that come to her artist residency. It is important to Jarschke to help artists who are making a difference in the world rejuvenate. It is Anza Jarschke’s ultimate goal to learn how to be “a more kind, understanding, and supportive human who can readily stand in solidarity with others.”

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