Student Profile: Conner McElroy

“Prescott College makes me excited to go into the world and see if I can’t help out a little.”

Conner McElroy ('20) is an On Campus Undergraduate at Prescott College, taking courses in multiple disciplines in order to better establish where his interests lie. His course load includes classes in adventure education, ceramics and sustainable agriculture. Conner had the opportunity to learn more about his home in Monterey Bay while taking Sea Kayaking & Marine Natural History at the Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies. Currently, Conner is involved in an  independent study on ceramics and has opened it to the Prescott College community in the form of a student club.

In trying to decide between Lewis and Clark College and Prescott College, Conner was swayed by the freedom Prescott presented to him to explore his diverse interests of study. Because Prescott College encourages self-directed learning, Conner could see his unique educational goals being supported. He also believed that Prescott College would be a good school for him to grow into the person he wanted to become. “Prescott College is full of faculty that are always willing to adapt to their students. They don’t want to assign menial work, they want to foster students’ interests.” Conner said that although the environmental and social justice topics his classes cover can at times be daunting, he “finds that learning about them with the dedicated people at Prescott College serves as an inspiration.”

“Everyone here wants to help change the world for the better and they prove this by working on the restoration of the local creek waterways, leading therapeutic backpacking adventures, and helping their peers every day.” Conner feels Prescott College has provided him with the tools and motivation to make a difference. “I think that I am more social, more comfortable in who I am, more driven to create positive change, and more inspired.”

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